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Product Enhancements

Color -A coloring agent that is added at the Batch Plant. With over 50 colors to choose from, a color additive is ideal for patios, driveways, walks or any area that you want to visually enhance. For exterior applications, it is recommended that a color sealer be used as well. Consult an City Concrete Company representative for tips and color charts

Fibers -Polypropylene: A plant added product that eliminates the need for wire mesh Polypropylene fibers help control plastic shrinkage cracking that naturally occurs in concrete. Fibers reduce the square foot cost for the contractor, (i.e. the labor associated with wire mesh), and gives the owner a slab that is reinforced throughout.

Fibers -Steel: A plant added reinforcement that saves the contractor both time and money Steel fibers increase tensile strength, help on reduced thickness floors, offer excellent crack control, and increase the load bearing capacity in slabs. Consult an City Concrete Company representative prior to use.

Non -Chloride Accelerator - A non-corrosive, non-chloride admixture that is added at the batch plant. It accelerates cement hydration resulting in shorter seating times and increased early compressive strengths. It is typically used in cold conditions (it is not an anti-freeze) to speed finishing operations and form removal.

Calcium Chloride -Acts the same as a non-chloride accelerator but it is not recommended for use where there is reinforcing steel, metal decks or electrical conduit.

High Range Water Reducer (aka: Superplasticizer) -A plant added water- reducing admixture which produces a high slump, flowing concrete. HRWR is ideal, often necessary for pumping concrete, producing high strength concrete, and enabling concrete to flow around tightly matted rebar.