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City Concrete, Inc. is a ready mix concrete and building material supplier based in Wichita Falls, Texas. With over 60 years of experience in the ready mix concrete industry, and some of the best employees in the industry, we are a full service quality ready mix concrete supplier to a large area of North Central Texas.

Total Customer Service - Although this phrase is much maligned, if not totally dismissed in our industry, Customer Service is not a department at City Concrete, Inc. Every decision we make, from production, to sales, to equipment purchase, to quality control is based on our ability to provide the absolute best service in any market in which we are engaged. It must also be said, our greatest asset is our employees, some of whom have over forty years under their belts. We have scores of customers, some that have been with us for 50+ years, that will agree that we go the extra mile in this area. There are plenty of companies that sell concrete, but very few sell service. We believe that our mission is to sell service - before and after the sale.